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Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions. SMT Stencil - Services & Capabilities
  • What different types of solder paste stencils do you make?

    We can manufacturer chemically-etched brass stencils (for low volume production) and electropolished laser cut stainless steel stencils (for fine pitch assembly and medium to high volume production). Since the price of laser cut stencil is affordable these days, we strongly suggest laser cut over chemically etched stencils. See SMT Stencils

  • What are your Pad reduction criteria and why your process is unique?

    With our unique pad reduction process, we achieve the quality that few in the industry can match. We study your PCB design thoroughly and apply pad reduction according to the packages or components used.

    For more detail, please refer our Pad Reduction Criteria.

  • Can you merge two different paste files and manufacture a single stencil?

    Yes, if you provide merged data. Note that the final size must fit within our maximum stencil size.