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Home Capability Rigid PCBs (RoHS and Non-RoHS) - Medium Volume


QualiEco Circuits specialises in smart yet simple PCB solutions – we're always one step ahead in technology and innovation. Rigid PCBs Medium Volume – Limits and Tolerances


TOPLimits and Tolerances
  • Laminate thickness0.3mm to 6mm+/-10%
  • Min. Inner Layer Thickness0.13mm+/-15%
  • Min. Dielectric Thickness0.2mm+/-15%
  • Mechanical-PTH Hole0.2mm to 6.5mm+/-0.076mm
  • Mechanical-NPTH Hole0.2mm to 6.5mm+/-0.05mm
  • Laser-PTH Hole-N/A- 
  • Laser-NPTH Hole-N/A- 
  • Hole Registration +/-3mil
  • Countersink Hole- DepthNeed to study data+/-0.25mm
  • 1oz (35 µm) -5µm/+15µm
  • 2oz (70 µm) +0/-10µm
  • 3oz (105 µm) +0/-15µm
  • 4oz (140 µm) +0/-15µm
TOPSolder Mask
  • Thickness8µm to 20µm 
  • Registration +/-0.075mm
TOPSurface Finish - Thickness
  • Std. HASL2µm to 30µm 
  • Lead-FREE HASL2µm to 30µm 
  • Immersion SILVER0.1µm to 0.3µm 
  • Immersion GOLD0.025-0.125µm 
  • Immersion TIN0.8µm to 1.2µm 
TOPOverlay (Legend)
  • Thickness3µm 
  • Registration +/-0.075mm
TOPV-Grooving Depth (or uncut material)
  • V-Grooving Depth (or uncut material)1/3rd of finished board thickness+/-0.1mm – depth
    +/-0.3mm (std +/-0.5mm) - location
  • RoutingMin. 0.7mm (PTH)
    Min. 0.8mm (NPTH)
    +/-0.15mm (std +/-0.2mm)
TOPOverall PCB/Panel Size
  • Overall PCB/Panel (routed) Size +/-0.13mm (std +/-0.2mm)
TOPBow & Twist
  • Bow & Twist< 0.75% 


PCB Design Tips

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We have capability to manufacture Single Sided/Layer (SS), Double Sided/Layer (DS-NPTH & DS-PTH) and MultiLayer (up to 24 layers) PCBs with RoHS as an option.

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PCB Design Tips

PCB Design Tips

When designing a PCB, try to limit the amount of draws you use. Draws use a lot of memory and slow the programming time. Use a flash for pads instead.

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