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Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions. PCB - Quote
  • What information I need to give you so that you can quote my PCB?

    You need to provide us with:

    - Gerber layers
    - NC drill layer
    - Protel/DXP/Altium Designer file*
    - Quantity**
    - List of Non-standard requirements
    - Layer stack up for multilayer designs

    * You do not need to send gerber or NC data, if you are sending .PCB or .PCBDOC file

    ** If you are planning to use the same design for future repeat runs, please let us know your approximate expected quantity. This information will help us choose the correct manufacturing option from the start.

  • How long does a PCB assembly quote take to prepare?

    2-4 hours. All non-standard or high volume production inquiries may take up to 24-36 hours. You will be notified in case of such delay.