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PCB - Quote

  • What information I need to give you so that you can quote my PCB? You need to provide us with:

    - Gerber layers & NC drill layers OR Protel/DXP/Altium Designer file* (e.g. .PCB or .PCBDOC file)
    - Quantity
    - List of Non-standard requirements, if any (e.g. thicker laminate/copper, impedance control etc.)
    - Layer stack up for multilayer designs (if the design demands specific layer structure)

    We assume and quote with the following specifications if you do not provide specific technical requirements:

    Material : 1.6mm FR-4, 1oz finish copper, Tg 130°
    Solder Mask Colour : Green
    Overlay Colour : White

    * You do not need to send gerber or NC data, if you are sending .PCB or .PCBDOC file
  • How long does a PCB manufacturing quote take to prepare? 12-24 hours. All non-standard or high volume production inquiries may take up to 24-36 hours. You will be notified in case of such delay.
  • A different PCB supplier quoted an unbelievably low and super cheap price for my PCB. How is it possible? When ordering PCB, remember an old saying, "You Get What You Pay For".

    PCB manufacturers can cut corners to save costs in many areas, and customers should be aware of such tactics before ordering PCBs. Some of them are explained in the following table:

      Super Cheap PCB Manufacturing QualiEco PCB Manufacturing
    Material Type (Single & Double layer PCBs) Cheap, Uncertified, ungraded, unbranded, non-standard fiber glass UL approved, Standard reputed branded fiber glass material
    Material Type (Multi Layer PCBs) Same as above (special grade material never used) Same as above + Special grade material requires depending on number of layers
    Base Material Performance Poor (Uncertainty in various environmental situations and/or usages) Excellent (Guaranteed according to the material datasheet and IPC-6012C)
    Solder Mask Quality Poor (solder mask often peel off due to inferior ink quality) Excellent (Guaranteed according to IPC-6012C)
    Soldering Quality Poor (copper pads often lift off due to low heat resistance of cheap base material) Excellent (Guaranteed according to IPC-6012C)
    Tolerances Untrustworthy Guarantee on limits and tolerances (e.g. refer this link for small volume tolerances https://www.qualiecocircuits.co.nz/rigid-pcb-technical-limits-tolerance-sv.htm)
    DFM (Design for Manufacturability) Unsure (mainly GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out - approach) Full DFM analysis before production by our in-house engineers to offer the Right PCB, First Time
    Engineering Tooling One Time Usage (throwaway after production) Re-usable (not required to pay tooling cost again for repeat orders up to 3 sq. meters)
    Quality Standards (General) Untrustworthy ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices - Quality Management System) Certificate for both Australia and NZ operations https://www.qualiecocircuits.co.nz/certification-awards.htm
    Quality Standards (PCB specific) Untrustworthy UL Approved, IPC-6012C certified, RoHS Complied (except leaded-HASL finish), REACH Complied (if requested)
    Communication Poor (only by email with almost no technical explanation or support) Excellent (full technical support by email and/or phone)
    Shipping & Delivery Unpredictable and often longer Guaranteed and Faster
    Warranty Uncertain, Untrustworthy Local Warranty, FREE replacement if failed under IPC-6012C

PCB Design Tips

When designing a PCB, try to limit the amount of draws you use. Draws use a lot of memory and slow the programming time. Use a flash for pads instead.

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Contract Assembly

Contract Assembly

We are one-stop solution provider for all your contract assembly requirements. We have the capability and resources to provide PCB assemblies, as well as cable and harness assemblies.

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SMT stencils

SMT stencils

More efficient manufacturing of solder paste SMT stencils.

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PCB design

PCB design

We'll review your PCB designs and identify refinements for easier manufacturing.

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