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Contract Assembly - Quality

  • Do you have an ISO certificate for quality management?We possess ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices - Quality Management System) certificates for both New Zealand and Australia operations. View the certificates here. Our offshore manufacturing plants also have ISO 9001:2015 and TS 16949:2016 certificates.
  • How do you control quality during assembly? We have strict quality control throughout the phase of the assembly process.

    Default Processes (100% on all boards – no additional cost) AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
    Visual Inspection

    Optional Processes – Pre-arranged (additional cost apply) X-ray Inspection
    ICT (In-Circuit Testing)
    Functional Test
  • Which quality standards do you follow? We manufacture Rigid PCBs to meet IPC-6012 Class 2 and Flexible PCBs to meet IPC-6013 Class 2. We build PCB assembly to meet IPC-A-610 Rev E Class 2.
  • What guarantee do you offer on your assembly services? 100% Genuine Parts
    1 year warranty* (bare PCBs)
    1 year warranty* (loose components)
    1 month warranty* (assembled PCBs)

    * Conditions apply
  • What happens if I find a problem with my PCB Assembly? If you ever feel that you have received a product or service that is inferior in quality or below your expectations, please call or email us immediately.

    Please send us photos, quantity affected and other relevant details to help us understand the matter quickly. We will investigate the quality issue in line with the acceptance criteria defined in IPC-A-610 Rev E Class 2 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies).

    Faults in PCB electronic assemblies can be divided into 3 categories:

    Workmanship Related Problems: Cold Solder Joint (cracked or dry)
    Missing Solder
    Solder Bridges
    Skewed Part
    Tombstone of parts
    Flux residue
    Solder Ball (excessive qty)

    Responsibility: We are responsible for repair/replace if failed under IPC-A-610 Rev E Class 2

    Component Related Problems (clear, beyond the doubt and known): Wrong Value (e.g. 10k instead of 100k resistor)
    Wrong Part (e.g. resistor mounted instead of capacitor)
    Wrong Polarity (e.g. mismatch between the dot on PCB and pin 1, cathode instead of anode etc)
    Physical Damage

    Responsibility: We are responsible for repair/replace if failed under IPC-A-610 Rev E Class 2

    Component Related Problems (unclear, unexplained and unknown): Chip Fail to Program
    Unable to Power
    Unable to Load Firmware

    Debugging is your responsibility because we are neither PCB designers nor understand the product's functionality. As a PCB manufacturer, part purchaser and PCB assembler, we are responsible for procuring genuine parts and providing the best workmanship so that PCB assembly is free from shorts and open circuits. During assembly, we perform AOI testing (to check part placement, solder joint, polarity etc.) and visual QC. We do not power up or program the board unless an in-circuit or functional test is required.

    To verify the genuineness of the part, you can arrange a "Decapsulation and Die Analysis" test from our approved international testing laboratory https://whitehorselabs.com from any of their branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Europe, China or India.

    If the test report confirms that the part is not genuine, we are liable to pay the test cost and a free replacement of a new part. If the part is found genuine but still doesn't work or has any other functional problem, we do not cover the test or the part cost because it is difficult to prove.

    Your suggestions are precious to us. We sincerely hope the issue will be resolved promptly and in line with your expectations.

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