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Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions. PCB - Prices
  • Does your PCB pricing include GST?

    No. Our prices are always GST exclusive.

  • How do you keep your prices low?

    By constantly implementing more efficient manufacturing processes, developing systems that allow us to quickly change setups, maintaining partnerships with manufacturers, and conservatively managing our business.

  • What is the cost advantage of having QualiEco Circuits handle both prototype and repeat run manufacturing?

    Though we use different manufacturing plants for prototype and production PCBs, our machine set up and other manufacturing processes are compatible with each other in the respective plant, making it possible for us to use the same tooling.

  • Are you the cheapest in the industry?

    We may not be the cheapest but certainly we are the most economical when you consider the package as a whole. Our quality, service and after sales support are second to none.

  • What technical parameters affect the cost of PCB production?

    Special requirements like thicker or high Tg laminate, thicker copper, RoHS compliant surface finish, peelable solder mask, impedance control, and blind/buried vias etc can make PCB production more expensive.