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PCB Design Guidelines - PCB Design Check List
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Schematic Details

  1. Schematic Diagram Availability
  2. Component details (like designator, comments, footprints, datasheet etc.)
  3. Bill of material
  4. Notes (if any)

PCB Details

  1. No. of layers
  2. Board Size
  3. PCB CARD name (if any more details on PCB)
  4. Board clock frequency
  5. Technology : Through whole/SMD/Mixed
  6. Hole information
  7. Placement information
  8. PCB mounting hole details
  9. Legend details (if any)

Design Rule Specification

  1. Minimum Conductance clearance
  2. Internal plane clearance
  3. Minimum Conductance width
  4. Minimum Conductance width for power signals
  5. Board outline to route area clearance
  6. Board outline to component area clearance
  7. PCB mounting hole clearance
  8. Minimum via for signals
  9. Minimum via for power signals
  10. Solder mask clearance
  11. Special instruction for crystal/clock system
  12. Heat releasing area (if any)

Special Artwork Information (if any)

  1. Orientation of components
  2. Placement of any par ticular components
  3. Ground pattern (if any)
  4. Grounding of mounting holes

Special Points to be Considered

We would like to know specific requirements, if any –

  1. List of critical Signals like data, clock, and high frequency traces etc.
  2. List of High voltage and current carrying components and signals
  3. Impedance-discontinuity due to non-ideal current paths
  4. Isolation of any par ticular components or some of the por tion of the PC board
  5. List of Differential or parallel routing signals if any
  6. Use of HDI, Micro via or any other technology

and if any thing you would like to include...


Download PDF
PCB Design Tips

PCB Design Tips

When designing a PCB, try to limit the amount of draws you use. Draws use a lot of memory and slow the programming time. Use a flash for pads instead.

More tips

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