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Find out more about PCB design, manufacturing, pricing and administration in our frequently asked questions. PCB - File formats
  • Which different CAD softwares are you comfortable to work with? What different types of file format do you accept?

    We normally work with Gerber files (RS274X format). However, Altum Designer Release 10/ DXP/ Protel is the most common format for our customers.

    Apart from Altum Designer Release 10/ DXP/ Protel, we can also work with files generated from other CAD softwares, like Eagle, Orchad and EasyPC. DXF is another format we may be able to use, but we will have to load files in our system before we confirm.

  • What should the file format be for gerber and NC data for my PCB design?

    You don’t have to worry about gerber or NC file formats if your PCB design is created in Protel/DXP software. You can send .pcb or .pcbdoc files to us and we will extract the required gerber data from it.

    For other CAD softwares, all gerber data must be in RS274X format. We can also accept RS274D format but you will have to send us the aperture file separately. As far as NC data goes we can accept Excellon format. Please do not send NC data in Gerber format.

  • What is your standard data format? Can you accept other formats?

    The standard data format we accept is:

    For gerbers:
    Type - Absolute
    Digits - 2 (Integer) : 4 (Decimal)
    Zero Suppression - Leading
    Units - English (i.e. in inch)

    For NC Data:
    Type - Absolute
    Digits - 2 (Integer) : 4 (Decimal)
    Zero Suppression - Trailing
    Units - English (i.e. in inch)

    We can also work with other data formats , just state it clearly in your readme.txt file.

  • Can you manufacture my PCB from .BMP, .GIF, .TIFF, .JPG or .pdf files?

    No, these formats are not good for PCB manufacturing.